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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just listen

My best friend from high school lost her mom this summer. At the funeral, she mentioned that she had thought about joining me on a Spark trip. I was really surprised. She had looked at the pictures on my facebook, and we had talked about it a little. Very little. She went back to Indiana, and I didn't think of it again. As slots for the LA trip were filling up, one day God made it very clear to me to call my friend. I hadn't talked to her since the funeral, and I was embarrassed to call her and ask if she wanted to go on a mission trip. She's married to a pastor, and money is tight. I didn't want to seem insensitive to all that she was going through. I tried to ignore calling her, but God kept pestering me. I finally texted her and told her I was thinking about her, and that I wanted to follow up with her about the mission trip. For some unknown reason, I also wrote that there was a full scholarship awaiting her if she wanted to go. I was sure that she wouldn't go. Within minutes, she wrote back and said that she had just been wishing that she could go. She was going through grief counseling over the loss of her mom, and she just wanted to get away and serve others. I was stunned. She said yes. Where was I going to get the money? I know that God always provides. I had already paid to help several other ladies to go on the trip, plus paying for me, Jess and Jolie. Now I have to ask Tommy for more money....... God had it already planned...... I was talking to Joan, Tommy's mom, and I told her how excited I was that my friend was going. She told me right then that she wanted to pay for her to go. I was shocked. I hadn't asked her or mentioned how I had told her she had a scholarship. She just said, "I want to pay for her." Wow..... Once again God showed me how He has a plan, and He wants to use us, if we just listen. I'm so thankful I listened. My friend went on the trip and it was a blessing to spend time with her and serve together. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Course She's in Line with Me

I was at Dollar Tree buying items for Spark Ministry for the Reno trip in March. I had all kind of toiletry items in my cart. When I was checking out, the lady behind me asked if I was making goodie bags for someone. She was young, in her 30's. I told her about Spark, and that we minister to women at homeless shelters and she got tears in her eyes. She said she was about to cry. When I asked why, she said "that used to be me." She had left an abusive husband, and taken her kids and lived in a homeless shelter for a while. Her parents had just moved her here, and were helping her get on her feet. She's looking for a job. She said how grateful she was to find a homeless shelter that cared about her and took her family in. Pray for Tanya to find a job. She asked about Spark and I gave her my card and said to call when she wanted to join us on a trip. She really wants to go. She was buying stuff to give her child a birthday party. She was smart buying at the Dollar Tree. As I turned to leave, the HS did it to me again. Why else would he place a once homeless lady behind me in line? Why would she bother to strike up a conversation? I turned back and paid her ticket, and said "the party's on me." She was so shocked, yet so grateful. My heart was full. Maybe I'll hear from her one day.......

Not Expecting This

I was selling tickets for Ladies Movie Night at church last Sunday, when a beautiful, young African American woman came up to the desk. She asked me if we had a clothes closet where she could get some baby clothes. I noticed she was pregnant. I have never seen this woman before, but she was so striking. My heart tugged. I told her we didn't have one, and sent her to another woman to help her. I could hardly sit in my seat during the service. The Holy Spirit was telling me to help her. I raced after her after church and handed her $50. She said she couldn't take it. I told her that I knew I was supposed to help her buy some baby clothes, so please take it. She gratefully smiled and said thank you. Pray for Rosie. I hope I see her again.

Oh Brother

My brother has had a tough 2009. His company hasn't been able to pay the employees, but wants them to stay on. They are promised all their back pay when the big job goes through in March. We're praying the job goes through. Meanwhile, there are bills to be paid. I left a check for him at my mother's to help pay the rent for February. He called and said he had gotten a loan to pay his bills and was ok. Two days later, he called again. Now he needed the check. His inspection sticker was out, and he got a ticket..... He hadn't had it inspected because he had a light on in his car. With the check, he paid the ticket, got the car fixed and inspected. Funny how the check was there when he needed it....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I read about these two newlyweds who packed up and went to Haiti from the Dallas area on Dec 29, 2009 to teach in a Christian school there. I just got through reading their blog, and was thrilled to find a personal way to donate to the people of Haiti. Ben and Katie are volunteering to help the wounded. They are helping take care of 30 children from the Three Angels orphanage. The picture of the kids was heart wrenching. They were so small. So precious. To think they have no parents to care for them at such a frightening, tragic time. I donated $100 via paypal, and asked Katie to use it for the orphanage. I hope to find out more about these two young people, and can't wait to follow their blog.

Guess what???? My daughter just came over and we started talking about Haiti. She mentioned her roommate had a good friend in Haiti. I asked if her name was Katie, and she said, "Yes, Ben & Katie in Haiti." Katie was a Pi Phi at Baylor with my daughter and her roommate. Now that's a small world. Actually, that's a God thing. I laughed as I told her I just found their blog and donated some money, but felt funny sending more because I didn't know anything about them. Now I feel like I know them personally in some small way, and can't wait to support them financially and with lots of prayer. Isn't God so funny???? What are the odds?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I need a place to stay....

Well once again, God sent someone my way. I can't remember a time that I was approached in West Plano for money, but today was the day. As me and a friend headed to our cars in the parking lot of DSW, a young girl, probably 24 or so, came up to us and said... "I'm so embarrassed to ask you this, but I'm trying to get enough money for a place to stay. I don't do drugs or drink alcohol, I really need the money for somewhere to stay." I just laughed to myself, because I had just gone to the bank, so of course the good Lord sent someone my way. I handed her $30 and a small bible. She took the bible reluctantly, and I asked her to read it. As I drove off, I was mad at myself for not taking the time to share the gospel. It's easy to give a tract or a bible, but much more difficult to share your faith. Next time God gives me the opportunity, I'm determined to be more bold. My friend laughed when I gave her money so willingly, and I told her that it was my resolution to have money in hand, ready to give when asked or needed, and it didn't surprise me at all that God had sent another one of his children my way. God bless you whoever you were. I pray you open the Word.....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm hungry...

I went to Waco on Jan. 5th with my daughter to help clean the house before the new school year began. She had a list of errands for me to run, so I set out for the afternoon. When I left Mardel's, I was dragging 10 poster boards and a huge roll of butcher paper. I was miserable. A lady walked up to me in the parking lot, and I thought to myself..... here it goes.... She said she was hungry, and that she hadn't been able to get any money all day long, and did I have any to spare? Knowing I had the money to give in my purse, I said if she could wait a minute, I'd give her some. She realized my situation, and offered to help. She carried my bag for me and helped me get them in the car. I debated whether to give her the $20 or $50, but I was so afraid she was going to use the money for alcohol, I went with the $20. I handed her the bill and a tract. She happily said thank you and ran off, looking at the tract I had given her. She met up with a friend, and they took off across the street. I don't have any idea where the money went, but I just pray she took the time to read the tract, and maybe realized that God loves her. I also laughed at God for putting me in the exact place at that exact moment to give the money, knowing that was my resolution.... not to turn anyone away, and to search out people in need. God always provides.